Assistência técnica

Technical Assistance

We have a complete technical infrastructure of services and maintenance, prepared for repairs and revisions on all electronic equipment and machines. We operate in the repair of equipment in the field or in the laboratory. We perform maintenance on all range of electronic equipment, we can name a few: PLC, CPUs, Encoders, Switching Power Supplies, Various Controllers, Inverters, Industrial Monitors, Electro Electronic Control Panels, Converters, Servo Drives, among others. Among the sewing machines, we repair electronic part of the following brands: EFKA, Durkopp Adler, Ho Hsing (engines), Mitsubishi, Juki, PFAFF, Quick-Rotan, Brother, Siruba, Bruce, Sunstar, Reece, Rimoldi, Yamato, Zoje e Sun Special.

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Instalações e start up

Setup and Start-up

We perform start-up and verification of equipment installations both new and used. Start up is a smart way to start the operation of your equipment. We have a team of qualified and certified technical that installs and provides support to the simplest to the most sophisticated applications.



Realize reforms, up grade or modifications in machines. Is intended to modernize, increase capacity, reduce hand labor or even add new products. The basic process is:

  • Make the project of the device to be mounted
  • Disassemble the machine or equipment completely
  • Tailor the components to be reused
  • Incorporate new components
  • Modify the electrical / electronic system
  • Assemble mechanical / hydraulic and pneumatic system
  • Install new hardware and software
  • Realize functional testing
Projetos eletrônicos

Eletronic projects

Our team has extensive experience in the most several solutions in projects and in industrial installations. We carry out electrical panels projects, from the simplest to the most complex, on the areas of: Automation of industrial processes, Industrial electrical installations, Preventive maintenance and corrective.

Integração de sistemas

Systems integration

We have what is most advanced in terms of equipment maintenance and testing, enabling our technicians performing not only maintenance, but also great programming on software level in our equipment.

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